Image is a map of Scarborough Centre station

Metrolinx releases new station maps for Scarborough Subway Extension

Metrolinx has released stations plans for the three-stop Scarborough Subway Extension showing the proposed building locations, entrances and bus terminals. Keep reading to see the new images and register for the virtual open house tonight (March 7).

Metrolinx has unveiled updated station maps for the Scarborough Subway Extension (SSE).

The three-stop subway extension has made significant progress over the last two years. Construction is well underway at the project’s launch shaft site to prepare for tunnelling, , and planning is well underway for the future stations.

With three teams recently shortlisted to prepare proposals for how they will design and build the stations, Metrolinx is sharing new station maps to give the public a better perspective of the station locations and some of their features.

Image is a map of the route.

All three stations are being designed to maximize transit connections in Scarborough.

Metrolinx spoke to residents and neighbourhood leaders to get their thoughts on how these new stations will benefit their communities.

Sheppard and McCowan station

As the northern terminus of the three-stop subway extension, the new station at Sheppard and McCowan will bring direct subway service further north into Scarborough.

Map is of station at Sheppard and McCowan

“Growing up in northeast Scarborough, I can attest that this part of Scarborough feels disconnected from the rest of the city,” said Ryan Singh, a resident and community leader who founded ConnectScarborough in 2017 – a volunteer-based organization in support of building better transit for Scarborough.

“My bus ride to Scarborough Centre Station to connect to the RT used to be at least 35 to 40 minutes. Seeking opportunities and working downtown Toronto was challenging.”

Image is a photo of Ryan Singh
Ryan Singh, a resident and community leader who founded ConnectScarborough in 2017. (Supplied image)

The new station will make it easier for people who live and work north of Highway 401 to choose transit first by spending less time on buses connecting to the subway system. It will also feature a new bus terminal with local TTC connections.

By 2041, the new station is expected to serve more than 13,000 customers at the peak of rush hour. The new infrastructure will also protect and preserve options for future expansions to support transit growth in Scarborough.

“There are over 500 food outlets, service providers and other popular retail outlets in the area – all of which will be close to the new subway service coming to the northeast portion of Toronto,” said Ernie McCullough, the Executive Director of the Sheppard East Village Business Improvement Area.

“While we are served by five different TTC bus lines, the reality is that most people downtown and in other parts of Toronto are only going to come to Sheppard East Village if there is dependable rapid transit.”

McCullough added: “If we think that a good community is one where people can live, play and work, the subway extension will be a vital and major step in making this happen.”

The future station site is currently being used as the launch shaft site for the project. It is where the tunnel boring machine is being assembled and will be the starting point for its tunnelling journey.

To learn more about this station and stay up-to-date about what’s happening at this site, check out the new station profile page on Metrolinx Engage.

Image is a map of Scarborough Centre station

The new station at Scarborough Centre will bring modern and reliable rapid transit to the heart of Scarborough. This is a growing mixed-use community, and a direct connection to the TTC’s Line 2 will increase access to surrounding employment and education centres and support further economic growth in this area.

The station will include an integrated bus terminal with passenger pick-up and drop-off spaces and will connect to TTC and GO Transit bus routes, as well as the proposed Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit line.

“In 2018 alone, the Scarborough Centre RT station saw average weekday ridership of 23,050  — greater than the ridership at Yorkdale, Lawrence, Eglinton West, Keele, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, and High Park subway stations,” said Singh.

“The Scarborough Subway Extension will revolutionize public transit access to, from, and across Scarborough.”

By 2041, this new station is forecasted to support more than 25,000 jobs in the area.

To learn more about Scarborough Centre station, visit the new station profile page on Metrolinx Engage.

Lawrence and McCowan station

Image is a map of station at Lawrence and McCowan

The new station at Lawrence and McCowan will improve access to healthcare and employment opportunities at the Scarborough Health Network General Hospital. Scarborough Health Network is a significant resource for the diverse residents of Scarborough and provides them with meaningful community services.

The new station will include a bus terminal with connections to express bus services on Lawrence Avenue.

By 2041, the station is expected to serve more than 5,000 customers at the peak of rush hour.

Visit the Lawrence and McCowan station profile page on Metrolinx Engage to read more about the station and the benefits it will bring.

What’s next?

After a winning bidder for the stations, rail and systems contract is selected later this year, Metrolinx will work closely with them on the look, feel and design of each station.

As design progresses, Metrolinx will continue to share updated station visuals with the community. These preliminary station plans are the starting point for even more discussions with the community and opportunities for input.

Virtual open house

Metrolinx is also hosting a virtual open house tonight (March 7) from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. to highlight progress on tunnel work, present these drawings, and answer any questions community members may have. Register and submit your questions now by visiting the event registration page.

For any questions or comments, reach out to Metrolinx’s dedicated community relations team through the project’s 24/7 hotline at (416) 202-7900 or send an email to

Story by Joshua Patel, Metrolinx Senior Advisor, Subway Program and Nigel Sandy, Metrolinx Community Relations Specialist, Scarborough Subway Extension