New on-demand transit pilot project coming to Vaughan GO Transit customers

Metrolinx is partnering with York Region Transit and the City of Vaughan to bring the Mobility On-Request on-demand rideshare pilot program to two more GO Transit stations. It’s all about getting people to and from their local GO station without worrying about parking. Keep reading to get the details on the new connections coming to Rutherford and Maple GO Stations – and take the pre-launch survey.

No car?

No problem.

There’s a new transit option on the way for Vaughan GO customers.

Metrolinx, York Region Transit (YRT), and the City of Vaughan are bringing the Mobility On-Request on-demand rideshare program to Rutherford and Maple GO stations.

Starting in May, customers can download the Mobility On-Request app. They can then request a pick-up from anywhere in the service area and get dropped off at either Rutherford or Maple GO Station. People will be picked up by a YRT-operated vehicle and this service is free for PRESTO card holders. The same request can be made at the end of the day to get home.

The program is already connecting York Region residents to Aurora, East Gwillimbury, and King City GO Stations. Click here for more information on the existing program.

A YRT Mobility On-Request vehicle
The Mobility On-Request project helps get people to their local GO station. (YRT photo)

Take the survey

If you’re Interested in this new on-demand transit service, please take a survey to join the registration list. The information will help Metrolinx, YRT, and the City of Vaughan in launching the service.

Hours of operation and service area

The on-demand service will run Monday to Friday during the morning rush hour (from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m.) and the evening rush hour (from 3:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.). Weekend service might be added if the pilot program shows a demand for it. 

The initial service area will include:

  • Northern boundary: From Keele Street along McNaughton Road to Major Mackenzie Drive
  • Southern boundary: Rutherford Road from GO Railway to Bathurst Street
  • Eastern boundary: Bathurst Street from Rutherford Road to Major Mackenzie Drive
  • Western boundary: Keele Street from McNaughton Road to Major Mackenzie Drive, along GO railway down to Rutherford Road

View the map to see if you live within the service area. Boundaries may be expanded as the pilot project advances.

Service area map.
Service area map. (City of Vaughan photo)

Story by Scott Money, Metrolinx News editorial team