Did your train arrive late? It’s now easier to be reimbursed for a delayed trip

Starting today (April 14), Metrolinx is making it easier to make a GO Train Service Guarantee claim. Keep reading to find out how.

GO Train customers now have more time to submit their claim when their trip is delayed, and more options to do it online.

Starting today (April 14), GO Train customers can make a claim for e-tickets and paper tickets on eligible delayed trips online instead of visiting Union Station in person.

Also, effective today, GO Train customers have more time to make a claim after a delayed trip, increasing from seven days to 30.

GO train running along the Lakeshore West Line next to the gardiner
GO customers have more time to submit their claim when their trip is delayed, and more online options. (Metrolinx image)

Last fall, the GO Train Service Guarantee was expanded to include all regularly scheduled trips delayed by 15 minutes or more – regardless of whether the delay was caused by GO Transit.

There are a few delays not eligible for reimbursement, such as those caused by extreme weather conditions, like Environment Canada advisories, watches, and warnings, or when GO Transit operates on a special schedule in severe weather.

Special flat-fare tickets, including the Weekend Pass and Weekend Day Pass for unlimited travel, are not eligible for Service Guarantee refunds.

All the details on how to submit a claim for a delayed train trip are available at gotransit.com/serviceguarantee.

Story by Kate Manicom, Metrolinx communications senior advisor