Close up of a Eglinton Crosstown LRV parked at Keelesdale Station

Metrolinx enhances platform safety on Eglinton Crosstown LRT

Passenger safety is always a top priority when designing and constructing new transit lines. Several safety innovations have been built into the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) line to provide extra safety for future passengers. Continue reading to learn more about the Crosstown’s unique safety features.

Crews on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT are working hard to install and test complex safety equipment that will help protect future transit riders. State-of-the-art safety systems will be implemented along the LRT route to reduce the risk of people getting hurt.

Guideway Intrusion Detection System (GIDS)

Each of the Crosstown’s 15 stations will be equipped with a Guideway Intrusion Detection System (GIDS) that uses laser scanners to sense when people and objects enter the tracks.

If a person is detected on the tracks, an automatic signal is sent to train control system and the train stops without the driver’s assistance.

A closer look at the tracks at Science Centre Station. (Metrolinx photo)

At the same time, the PA system triggers an announcement warning the person to clear the tracks, and the associated live CCTV footage will open on the central control room screens.

Ten GIDS scanners will be placed at every station, five on each platform-side tunnel. All five portal entrances will also have GIDS scanners to keep people out of the tunnels.

Platform warning scanner

Platform warning scanners will also be installed above the yellow tactile strips that sit on the edge of the platforms, to ensure passengers maintain a safe distance from the tracks and moving trains.

In the event that a person steps onto the tactile strips, the scanner triggers an automatic audio message that plays over the station PA system.

The Guideway Intrusion Detection System (GIDS) and platform warning scanners are two features that aim to increase platform safety. (Metrolinx photo)

The audio message instructs passengers to step away from the platform edge.

Each station will have six platform warning scanners – three on each side.

Safety is top-of-mind at Metrolinx – and both the GIDS and platform warning scanner take major steps in ensuring that passengers are kept out of harm’s way.

Story by: Erika D’Urbano, Metrolinx capital communications manager