Upgrades complete at Unionville GO Station

The new west platform, pedestrian tunnels and elevators recently opened for customers. With these amenities now available, major construction activities are done at Unionville GO Station. Take a look at a new video of the improved station.

GO customers can now enjoy the newly upgraded Unionville GO Station.

Transit riders have access to new elevators, pedestrian tunnels and the new west platform.

While the major work is done, people may notice crews wrapping up things like landscaping, final touch-ups and cleaning.

Take a walk-through Unionville GO with this new video:

Here’s a list of improvements at Unionville GO:

  • 286 net new parking spots
  • Safe pedestrian walkways through the parking lot
  • A second track and a turnaround track, allowing trains to travel both ways on this portion of the Stouffville line
  • Canopies over the platforms with shelters
  • A new island platform and a relocated east platform with a snow-melting system
  • Easier access to the platforms with new ramps from the parking lot
  • New pedestrian tunnels and elevators
  • Improved signage, lighting and landscaping
A new island platform and relocated east platform with a snowmelt system. (Metrolinx image)
Platform canopies and integrated shelters provide customers cover from the elements. (Metrolinx image)
New pedestrian walkways through the parking lot. (Metrolinx image)
Digital displays on the rail platform. (Metrolinx image)
Staircase to new pedestrian tunnel. (Metrolinx image)
Landscaping activities will continue throughout the summer months. (Metrolinx image)
Landscaping activities will continue throughout the summer months. (Metrolinx image)

Improvements at Unionville GO, such as pedestrian tunnels and elevators, were designed with accessibility in mind. There are also new designated pedestrian paths through the parking lot, and newly constructed ramps have replaced the stairs between the parking lot and platforms. The parking lot is paved to create a level surface, and 24 additional accessible parking spots were added.

286 net new parking spots added to Unionville GO Station, including new accessible parking at Unionville GO. (Metrolinx image)

Both pedestrian tunnels are open; however, only the elevators at the north tunnel are currently available. Elevators at the south pedestrian tunnel will be available shortly and, in the meantime, customers can use the new staircases.

The work at Unionville GO Station supports GO Expansion, which means more frequent, two-way, all-day service on core segments of the GO rail network. Future service increases on the Stouffville line will include two-way, all-day service every 10 minutes or better up to Unionville GO and trains every 30 minutes to Mount Joy GO.

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Story by Teresa Ko, Metrolinx capital communications senior advisor