Podcast – Terrifying near-miss video. And, what are sun kinks?

This week, Between the Lines host Matt Llewellyn and guest host James Wattie delve into that heart-stopping near miss video, explain ‘sun kinks’ and talk about how Metrolinx is celebrating Pride month.

It is the video that has been viewed around the world.

Earlier this week, Metrolinx released a video showing how close three young people came to injury or death while trespassing on a railway in Toronto. Since then, the video has been viewed countless times and media outlets around the world have reported on it.

Host Matt Llewellyn is joined by Between the Lines podcast producer and Metrolinx spokesperson James Wattie this week on Ask Me Anything to talk more about the video, the goal of releasing it and how it was received.

Matt and James then dig into why some GO Train riders may experience short delays as the weather warms up. It has to do with a phenomenon known in the rail industry as sun kinks.

The pair also discusses Metrolinx’s involvement in this year’s in-person Pride month celebrations, after two years of virtual events.

Listen here:

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Story by James Wattie, producer & editor, Between the Lines: A Metrolinx Podcast