More progress on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line

Keelesdale Station is the first Crosstown station to take important steps toward completion.

Construction on the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) project continues to progress.

This includes a new achievement for Keelesdale Station, located at the west end of the line.

In 2016, Keelesdale Station was the site for the official groundbreaking ceremony, kicking off a new phase of construction on the Eglinton Crosstown.

Below-ground shot of construction.
Keelesdale Station in 2016 during groundbreaking. (Metrolinx photo)

It’s only fitting that Keelesdale Station is the first station on the project to officially receive an Occupancy Permit from the City of Toronto.

To reach this point, it means passing several phases of inspections as set in the Ontario Building Code.

These inspections by the city ensure the station is safe for operations staff training, testing and demonstrations. Ongoing inspections will be ensure the station is safe for public use once the new LRT line opens, and the station equipment and safety systems are working as intended.

There is still work to be done as crews continue testing the train systems and prepare for operator training.

Testing and inspections of the various station systems will continue, along with staff training, until the Crosstown is ready to open for passenger service. This means that while it may look like the station is complete, it is not yet ready to accept passengers.

Close-up of glass windows at station, with "Keelesdale" written in bold white letters.
Keelesdale is the first Crosstown station to receive an Occupancy Permit from the City of Toronto. (Metrolinx photo)

Upon completion, the Eglinton Crosstown will bring 19 kilometres of new rapid transit to midtown Toronto, from Mount Dennis in the west to Kennedy in the east. Keelesdale Station is the second most westerly station.

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Story by Erika D’Urbano, Metrolinx capital communications manager