Fleets Coffee Mobile Café is coming back to select GO stations

Burlington GO customers can get a taste of a mobile food and beverage service. 

Metrolinx and Fleets Coffee have teamed up to offer customers at select GO stations a convenient mobile food and beverage service. 

The Burlington GO location, which opened earlier this month, was the first GO station to welcome a Fleets Coffee Mobile Café.  

Fleets is also coming to Maple GO on the Barrie Line, plus Unionville and Mount Joy GO Stations along the Stouffville Line in the near future.  

Through this mobile food and beverage partnership, customers will be able to pre-order hot and cold beverages, tasty treats, breakfast and lunch items ready for pick-up. 

Customers standing outside a Fleets Mobile Café food truck.
Customers lining up to pick up their order. (Metrolinx photo)

Beverages are made fresh to order, and food items are brought in daily to ensure customers are receiving fresh products. Customers can also order on the spot.  

Looking for more than just a coffee? Fleets offers cappuccinos, espressos, Americanos, lattes, teas, iced coffees and baked goods as well.  

Fleets says the raspberry croissant is already a customer favourite. 

Another unique feature about Fleets Coffee is that they use hot milk when preparing hot beverages – even a simple coffee – to keep customers’ beverages warmer longer. 

Close-up of a cup of Fleets coffee.
Fleets offers many caffeinated drink options. (Metrolinx photo)

But wait – before racing over to the truck, download the Fleets Mobile Café app first. 

The app is available on the App Store or Google Play Store, so customers can easily register for an account before making a touchless order. 

With the app, order a beverage, snack, breakfast or lunch in advance for a quick pick-up and reduced wait times. 

With help from the app, Fleets Coffee will adjust their production queue based on each customer’s progress on their journey to the station, so orders are made just in time for pick up.  

When you arrive, look for the bright turquoise truck located across from the Burlington GO south side station entrance.  

Wide shot of a Fleets Coffee truck parked outside a GO Station.
Customers can place an order on the Fleets Mobile Café app. (Metrolinx photo)

As of now, regular service hours will be from Monday to Friday, from approximately 5:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 

This partnership is part of Metrolinx’s commitment to continually enhance the customer experience, making the journey on the GO even more comfortable and enjoyable.   

The plan is to bring Fleets Coffee to additional stations in the near future. 

Story by Katrina Ricchetti, Metrolinx marketing & retail account manager