New reserved bike rooms opening at five GO Stations

New reserved bike rooms are opening at Rutherford, Cooksville, Pickering, Centennial & East Gwillimbury GO.

Customers hopping on the GO have a new place to park their bike.

A total of 140 new secure spots are available at five stations across the GO network – and can be reserved ahead of time.

Specifically, the new bike rooms are located at Rutherford, Cooksville, Pickering, Centennial and East Gwillimbury GO Stations – with more to come later this year.

Reserved bike room registration forms must be submitted no later than the 15th of each month to gain access on the 1st of the next month. For example, to gain access to the new reserved bike rooms on Oct. 1, customers must submit a registration form for a spot by Sept. 15.

An inside look at the secure bike room at Cooksville GO Station.
An inside look at the secure bike room at Cooksville GO Station. (Metrolinx photo)

These reserved bike rooms will make it much more convenient for customers to get to and from their nearest GO station.

The initiative is part of Metrolinx’s goal to increase station access for customers with a variety of travel preferences – so, those who live too far to walk and don’t want to drive now have another option.

Reserving a spot

The spots in each bike room are by reservation only. This helps ensure that customers’ bikes are kept safe and secure.

Each spot costs $50 (price includes HST) for a one-year reservation. Customers can apply to reserve a spot here, and will then receive a code that they can use to access the bike parking room.

Check out the GO website for more information about reserving a spot – and be sure to check Metrolinx News for any more updates.

Story by Abby Zinman, Metrolinx editorial co-op student