Rehabilitation work on the Rouge River Bridge comes to a close

Historic Rouge River Bridge gets major facelift. Check out the restored provincial heritage property.

One of East Toronto’s oldest rail bridges has received a much-needed rejuvenation, and is now ready for the next 20 years of service.

The Rouge River Bridge is 118 years old and provides a connection for the Lakeshore East GO Line over the Rouge River, between Toronto and Pickering.

The bridge is a significant landmark for those who travel the trail underneath it, and those who glide across it on GO Trains.

Ontario has designated the bridge as a provincial heritage property because of its ashlar stone masonry substructure (the stone that supports the bridge on either side of the river) and steel deck truss superstructure (the steel structure that supports the train tracks running across the bridge).

Metrolinx rehabilitated the bridge, which will allow future generations to enjoy this local landmark, and give the bridge a new lease on life.

Check out these photos of the finished bridge:

A cyclist uses the multi-use path under the Rouge River Bridge. (Brian Main photo)
The Rouge River Bridge, facing north, with its adjacent beach. (Brian Main photo)
The Rouge River Bridge facing north. (Brian Main photo)

Want to learn more about the bridge’s rehabilitation work? Read this post from when construction began.

By Rosie Hales-Wilson, Metrolinx senior communications advisor