GO Expansion: On Track toward the Future

It’s the next move toward bringing the future of transit here today. Those green trains being made available everywhere, all the time, to hop on board and get to where you need to GO. That means more convenience and arriving there quicker. New service starts with finding the right partners to make it happen. In the coming weeks, Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario will be releasing … Continue reading GO Expansion: On Track toward the Future

Tracking Phil – Feb 7/8, 2018

Phil spent February 7th and 8th in London, doing UK Market Soundings for our GO Regional Express Rail (RER) program. Day one was spent meeting with various organizations/CEOs throughout the day, discussing the RER program, and day two continued with a full market discussion with over 100 people where he discussed the RER program, and continued day two with further 1:1 meetings with other organizations/CEO’s. Continue reading Tracking Phil – Feb 7/8, 2018