A Region United: Spoken Word performance highlights Metrolinx LRT projects

Bringing poetry together with transit may seem like a stretch at first. It doesn’t necessarily make sense on the surface, unless the former is being used to describe the latter. That’s exactly what has happened in the case of Metrolinx’s light rail transit (LRT) projects and the work of spoken word artist Wali Shah. “For me, this was an opportunity to put the pieces together,” … Continue reading A Region United: Spoken Word performance highlights Metrolinx LRT projects

Community Connectors are changing how Metrolinx talks transit

A personal approach to talking transit, LRTs and construction When Sulema James walks into the local grocery store, she’s not there to buy milk or eggs, but speak to the small business owner about the future transit that will be running in front of their shop in Hamilton. This good neighbour approach is what the Community Connectors program is all about: reaching businesses and residents … Continue reading Community Connectors are changing how Metrolinx talks transit

LRT Fun during March Break!

There’s something about trains that make a child’s eyes light up whenever there’s a chance to play with one. Whether it’s a small toy, cardboard cut-out or full size light rail vehicle (LRV), it transforms into an imaginary world. Kids had the chance to take that ride of their dreams at events in Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga during March Break. Our rapid transit project teams … Continue reading LRT Fun during March Break!

Metrolinx Board Meeting – June 2017

The Metrolinx Board of Directors met today to receive a number of reports, including updates on PRESTO, Metrolinx’s capital projects and GO service expansion. PRESTO Update PRESTO Executive Vice President Rob Hollis reported on the PRESTO retail partnership with Loblaw, which entails Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Toronto selling PRESTO cards and offering PRESTO services. Over 3,300 PRESTO cards have been sold, and more than … Continue reading Metrolinx Board Meeting – June 2017

News Roundup

The community benefits of building transit can start before the new service begins. We recently entered into an agreement with government agencies, business, labour and the local community to provide apprenticeship opportunities during the construction phase of the Eglinton Crosstown project.  The Apprenticeship Declaration sets a goal that 10% of all trade and crafting hours for the project will be completed by apprentices and journeypersons … Continue reading News Roundup

Creating Connections

Taking transit is really up to you, but part of our mission at Metrolinx is to make that choice a no-brainer. We’re helping to do that by planning, building, and operating better transit. Improved physical infrastructure is very important – bridges, tunnels, and tracks – oh my! All that work leads to greater service frequency and/or notable lines on a map. All the lines then yield … Continue reading Creating Connections