Metrolinx Board Meeting – Dec 2017

Our Board of Directors held their final meeting for 2017 today. President and CEO Phil Verster opened the public session of the meeting by commending Transit Safety Officers Caleb Hannah, Steve Cauwenbergs, William Ng and Acting Sgt. Devon Spiers for their bravery and professionalism in dealing with a security incident last night at Rouge Hill GO Station after a station attendant on duty reported a … Continue reading Metrolinx Board Meeting – Dec 2017

Metrolinx Board Meeting – Sept 2016

The Metrolinx Board of Directors met earlier today to receive a number of reports, including updates on the GO Regional Express Rail program, and a GO service update on the recent schedule changes. The Board also provided approval on two key Metrolinx documents, the 2015-2020 Sustainability Strategy, and the 2016-2017 Business Plan.   RER Update Chief Capital Officer John Jensen, Chief Planning Officer Leslie Woo, and … Continue reading Metrolinx Board Meeting – Sept 2016

Union Station’s Bay Concourse

Last renovated in 1975, the Bay Concourse was closed for renovations a year ago this week. The final design will resemble the new GO York Concourse (hurray) and is expected to be completed late next year. Once the whole Union Revitalization project is complete, we (together, with the City of Toronto) will have tripled the size of the GO concourse, providing better platform access, more food and … Continue reading Union Station’s Bay Concourse