Quiz – How much were you paying attention in 2017?

We don’t know about you, but we sure had a busy 2017. How did you do on last year’s quiz? You’ve had a whole year to train and build your knowledge. Connect with your inner transit nerd, track your results and have fun. 17 questions on 2017 Hint: find the answer online Hint: find the answer online Hint: find the answer online Hint: find the … Continue reading Quiz – How much were you paying attention in 2017?

Metrolinx Board Meeting – Dec 2017

Our Board of Directors held their final meeting for 2017 today. President and CEO Phil Verster opened the public session of the meeting by commending Transit Safety Officers Caleb Hannah, Steve Cauwenbergs, William Ng and Acting Sgt. Devon Spiers for their bravery and professionalism in dealing with a security incident last night at Rouge Hill GO Station after a station attendant on duty reported a … Continue reading Metrolinx Board Meeting – Dec 2017

Transit Procurement Initiative

We hit a milestone a couple of weeks ago that’s worth noting. With no shovels hitting the ground, funding announced or ribbon cut, this particular announcement may have flown a little under the radar. But the fact that, to date, our Transit Procurement Initiative (we call it TPI) has facilitated the purchase of over 1,000 transit buses for municipalities across Ontario, helps illustrate the central … Continue reading Transit Procurement Initiative

News Roundup

You’re reading this, so we’re assuming that you have some interest in what we’re doing at Metrolinx. Take it one step further and join the discussion on the Regional Transportation Plan at metrolinxengage.com. You have until November 30 to have your say. Earlier this fall, PwC released a report that listed Toronto as one of the top cities to live and work – following only … Continue reading News Roundup